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Modifying “Hello World”

Now let’s modify the Hello World package to show how Vorteil packages work

$ wget -O helloworld.vorteil
$ vorteil unpack helloworld.vorteil helloworld
$ ls helloworld

These commands download a Vorteil package and use the vorteil unpack command to extract its contents into a structured Vorteil project directory. Think of this directory as the root directory on your app’s virtual machine, everything in this folder will go into the machine image that gets built. You can modify the app’s file-system contents by changing the files in this directory.

There are two types of special files in the project directory: .vorteilproject and files that end with the .vcfg file extension. These are used by Vorteil to understand how to build the virtual machine and what it should do when it’s running.

Make whatever changes you need to make (for example, change the background colour by putting env = ["BACKGROUND=66ede9"] into the [[program]] section of the default.vcfg file), then repackage them.

$ vorteil pack helloworld -o helloworld-modified.vorteil

This vorteil pack command packs up your project directory into a package file again with the new name helloworld-modified.vorteil.

$ vorteil run helloworld-modified.vorteil

Try out your modified package by using the vorteil run command on it.

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