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Running multiple programs

Vorteil is capable of running any number of apps in the same Virtual Machine. The repeatable [[program]] field of a VCFG file is used to defined each program that will be run when the virtual machine is powered on.


The following example demonstrates how a VCFG might look if the user was to configure their Vorteil app to run multiple programs:

  binary    = "/bin/myAmazingProgram"
  args      = "--start"
  env       = ["HELLO=WORLD"]
  bootstrap = []

  binary    = "/bin/myOtherAmazingProgram"
  args      = ""
  env       = [""]
  bootstrap = ["SLEEP 1000"]

Roughly translated, this is the equivalent of running the following from a terminal:

# Terminal 1:
$ HELLO=WORLD /bin/myAmazingProgram --start
# Terminal 2:
$ sleep 1 && /bin/myOtherAmazingProgram

Note that the structure of a VCFG file allows users to define environment variables specific to each individual program.

The bootstrap field allows for a number of actions to be performed prior to the program. In this example, it was used to delay the execution of /bin/myOtherAmazingProgram by 1000 miliseconds (1 second). More information about this can be found here.

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