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Building a disk image

In this guide we’ll show you how to turn a Vorteil project into a virtual disk image file.

Before you start

If you do not already have a Vorteil project available to follow this guide with, download a package from and unpack it to create a project:

$ wget -O helloworld.vorteil
$ vorteil unpack ./helloworld.vorteil ./helloworld

Building the disk image

Building a virtual machine disk image from a project is easy. Just provide the path to the Vorteil project as an argument when running the build command:

$ vorteil images build helloworld/
Build [=============================================================] 100.00% 0s
created image: helloworld.vmdk

NOTE: this action can be performed on Vorteil package files, too!

Build different disk images

This command will create “helloworld.vmdk” – a virtual disk image – from the project. Depending upon the ultimate purpose of the image, you might prefer to build a disk image format other than VMDK. To choose a specific image format add the --format=FORMAT flag to the command. Supported values for the --format flag include:

  • vmdk
  • fixed-vhd and dynamic-vhd
  • ova
  • raw
  • gcp
  • xva


$ vorteil images build helloworld/ --format=raw

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